Primitive Types in Java

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So what are primitives?

  • boolean: true or false values
  • char: 16 bit-sized characters (it uses Unicode system and ASCII)
  • byte: 8 bit-sized integers
  • short: 16 bit-sized integers
  • int: 32 bit-sized integers
  • long: 64 bit-sized integers
  • float: 32 bit-sized floating point numbers (numbers with a decimal point. eg: 3.14)
  • double: 64 bit-sized floating point numbers

So boxes you said?

  • a name, which could be anything you could think of (except for ones that start with numbers, or keywords)
  • a type, which describes the type of value the box can contain, a primitive or an object-type
  • a size, which you do not need to worry yourself too much with, except for providing a value bigger than the box’s capacity.


// Creating two boxes, x and y of types int and short respectively
int x = 30;
short y = x;
// This provokes an error (incompatible types)
short y = 30;
int x = y;
// Works like a charm

How to differentiate between object-types and primitives?


Thank you for reading!




Just a front-end guy and a bookworm who loves to share what he is learning.

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Mohamed El Amine Yamani

Mohamed El Amine Yamani

Just a front-end guy and a bookworm who loves to share what he is learning.

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